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Safety Guard

In this day and age Health and Safety is a critical ever present factor in the work place. As a machine knife professional we have been handling blades for over thirty years and we know exactly how sharp the blades are and the damage they can cause with poor handling. At Swemko we will never dispatch a blade that is in an unsafe package where the possibility is increased for our customers or workforce to have an accident. To that end we have developed our very own Vision Packaging. Swemko designed the first Vision packaging and today it is copied by our competitors as being the leading safety guard sold in the Market. The box enables the user to see the contents without unpacking. Blades are packed individually and so easy to exchange with blunt knives and easier to dispatch to the grinder.

In addition we supply a range of Safety guards to be used between the box and the machine to make machine knife handling more controlled and safe.

Swemko offers two magnetic safety guards light duty mainly for 6 knife trimmers and Heavy duty for 3 knife trimmers.

Please contact the sales team for advice on what is the best product for your company. 

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